There's no such thing as too many badges

There are many badges that have been created by different organisations to either promote themselves or fundraise.  Or maybe both.

If you collect badges to sew on a camp blanket, jacket, hat .... or simply to store in a box to deal with later, you may just find something of interest here. 

Explore the options and purchase the badges directly from the creators to add to your collection.

Adulting Is A Challenge

Adulting is a Challenge

Bee Challenge

Bee Challenge

Doughnut Challenge Badge

Doughnut Challenge

Halloween Badge Woven


Mug Badge Woven

I Made it in a Mug

Just Disgusting INTB

Just Disgusting

Leap Year Frog Woven

Leap Year

INTB Life Skills 4 Kids Badge

Life Skills 4 Kids

Mates Day badge

Mates Day (May 8)

Palaeontology Woven


Rainy Camp badge

Rainy Camp in Ballarat

Teen Life Skills INTB

Teen Life Skills

Online Woven

We did it online

Well Done Unicorn INTB

Well Done Badge

Thank You Unicorn INTB

Thank You Badge

Happy Birthday Badge INTB

Birthday Badge

Aussie Christmas INTB

Aussie Christmas

Stay At Home

Stay at Home

I Need That Badge Logo

Badges created by others