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Swap badges

Swap badges are many and varied. Some can simply be purchased to add to your collection and others are purchased as fundraisers or left over from projects.

These badges are purchased directly from the creators.

Wash Hands T
Aussie Christmas INTB

Aussie Christmas


Campfire’s Burning

1st Toftwood Brownies Chocolate Challenge

Chocolate Challenge

Drought Relief 2020

Drought Challenge

FridayNight Badge

Friday Night Stage Lights

I Faced My Fear Badge

I faced my fear

Life Of A Marahmallow Badge

Life of a Marshmallow

COVID 19 Guides And Scouts Unite T

Scouts & Guides Unite

Stay At Home

Stay at Home

Catch Me If You Can T

Toilet Paper Panic

Wash Hands T

Wash Hands

ThrowLikeAGirl Badge 240x300 1

You Throw Like a Girl