Challenge yourself

Challenge badges

Some badges are created by organisations for either promotion or fundraising purposes and are accompanied by suggested challenges.

This means that as well as the opportunity to add an extra badge to our collection, we also learn new things or develop our skills along the way.

These badges are purchased directly from the creators.

Bee Challenge
Adulting Is A Challenge

Adulting Challenge

Bee Challenge

Bee Challenge

1st Toftwood Brownies Chocolate Challenge

Chocolate Challenge

Doughnut Challenge Badge

Doughnut Challenge

Engineer Badge

Girls Can be Engineers Too

Halloween Badge Woven


I Faced My Fear Badge

I faced my fear

Mug Badge Woven

I made it in a mug

Palaeontology Woven

Palaeontology Challange

Mixed Pack Palaeontology Bees Halloween

Triple Challenge Pack

Online Woven

We did it online