Casinia Region

In 1999, Region boundaries were realigned in Victoria, Australia and a new region was created named Casinia. (Casey and Cardinia). A Ranger group designed and made a Region Banner and the Region Badge was born from that design. In 2011 Casinia Region was realigned and became Casey District.

The Casinia Region Badge Design was tweaked to become the Casey District Badge.

The badge depicts:

  • the waters edge of Westernport Bay
  • a cog to signify the industrial parts of the district, overlaid with an an ancient oak tree depicting Berwick.
  • ferns reminding of the parts of the District in the foothills, including the District Camp, Kooronga.
  • foothills shown on the horizon along with a shining star and a Guide trefoil.
  • owl depicting Moonlit Sanctuary in Pearcedale and also a nod to Brown Owl, Casinia Region Leader, who tweaked the original design.


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Casey District Badge

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