Things were nice and easy when there was a single badge that I thought would be of interest to others.  Then I introduced a couple more to make it a fun hobby.  Now we are up to 12 different badges with a few more just about to be revealed. My spreadsheet is getting a little cumbersome.

I have spent time recently modifying the website to include an ecommerce system to make sure the ordering process is as streamlined as possible.


  • multiple badges can now be purchased on the one order  instead of filling out individual order forms. This makes it a lot easier to order different badges at the same time.
  • payments can now be made with either credit card or direct bank transfer

Many people have requested the option to pay with credit card because of the convenience. My reluctance was that these incur a processing fee that not everybody would want.  The solution was to make both options available. You can choose to pay by either credit card with a fee or avoid the fee and pay by direct transfer. Either option is fine – but now you have a choice.

Fingers crossed that everything runs smoothly.  If not, just send an email and I’ll endeavour to fix it.