Tracking Combo INTB

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Set of ready made tracking symbols activities.

Ready to print and play.

Following tracking symbols is a popular activity enjoyed by Girl Guides, Girl Scouts and Scouts, as well as students and outdoor enthusiasts.

This set of resources combines 3 individual products to create a comprehensive range of engaging and interactive resources for teaching and revising the symbols formed with sticks and stones when laying tracking trails for others to follow.


2 x Bingo Games

  • 30 bingo cards featuring stone tracking symbols, plus calling cards
  • 22 bingo cards featuring stick tracking symbols, plus calling cards

2 x Tracking Sign Posters, labelled for reference

  • Poster of labelled stick tracking signs
  • Poster of labelled stone tracking signs

Symbol Cards
36 different cards, each featuring a tracking sign made with sticks or stones. Suitable for multiple activities:

  • Print 2 sets to use as a memory matching game
  • Print the cards to allow participants to lay a trail for others to follow

Tracking Maze
A worksheet that encourages students to find a path through the maze and draw the appropriate tracking symbols to indicate the path.

Tracking Code
A worksheet to decipher a mystery word using a provided code of tracking symbols, and to write a coded word for others to decipher.


Note that this special combo package combines 3 different products. Each digital resources will be provided as a downloadable file.  Be sure not to purchase the products separately if also purchasing the combo.

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