Anzac Biscuit Cover INTB


This pack contains an assortment of activities focusing on Anzac Biscuits, including recipes and worksheets. The perfect way to incorporate cooking fun into topics such as ANZAC Day, Australia or Mates Day.

ANZAC Biscuit Recipe
  • Details of my Grandma’s recipe for baking ANZAC biscuits, a regular Saturday activity
  • Worksheet of photos to sequence based on cooking method. Solution sheet included (with traceable numbers as an alternative worksheet)
  • Print each as individual A4 sheets or side-by-side on the same page
ANZAC Biscuit Mug Cake (in a microwave)
  • Simple recipe to follow
  • Worksheet challenge to unscramble recipe ingredients
  • Page of small recipe cards designed to accompany a bag of pre-prepared ingredients. Measure dry ingredients into a sealable bag or jar and send home with instructions for adding wet ingredients.
Using words related to the biscuits recipes. Solution sheet included.

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