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Perfect activity for ‘Mates Day’

Stone the Crows! You and your mates are at a ripper backyard barbie. After scoffing down the snags, you really need a drink of water. But strewth! Some drongo reckoned the blowies and redbacks would get into the esky so he chucked on a padlock. Unfortunately he forgot the combination. Learn about some fair-dinkum Aussie inventions and gather information to decipher the unlock code for the padlock.

This activity is as ideal supplement for lessons focusing on Australia, including Australian history, Mates Day (May 8th) or Australia Day.  It is designed as a fun, interactive way to teach awareness of a few of the significant inventions from Australia.  You might be surprised about the inventions that have emerged from down-under.

The aim is to read the information provided on each card and answer the question directly related to the topic.  The recorded answers are used to find mystery letters, reveal a mystery word and eventually decipher the ‘unlock code’.

The answers must all be correct to reach the correct unlock code.


  • Instructions and Background Story: to increase engagement and provide and explanation as to why there is a need to decipher the 4-digit code.
  • Crack-the-Code Deciphering Sheet to record answers and codes.
  • 10 x Q&A Cards: containing information about a range of Australian inventions.
  • Answer Envelope: printable envelope containing the unlock code for checking results.
  • Solution Sheet

This activity is ready to print and use exactly as it is. Just position the cards around the area and provide the participants with the instructions and decoding sheet.

To add to the atmosphere, you might choose to set an actual combination lock to the correct code. Or to expand the activity into a wide game, provide mini challenges or activities at some of the cards.

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