Aussie INTBBingo Cover INTB


Ready made activity.  Just Print and Play

This game of Bingo is a fun way of reinforcing knowledge after exploring Australian topics such as:

  • Mates Day (May 8)
  • Australia Day (January 26)
  • Australian animals

Perfect for enhancing listening skills, reinforcing visual recognition, improving concentration and encouraging critical thinking.


Bingo Boards

  • 30 different bingo cards

Print the required number of A4 game boards and laminate. Alternatively, print 2 boards on each page to create A5 game boards.

Bingo Calling Cards

Print, laminate and cut out calling cards. Titles included for clarification of items.


Counter Sheet (optional)

Print a sufficient number of pages to create enough counters to cover the quantity of printed boards. Laminate and cut on dotted line to create individual counters.

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